Thursday, January 20, 2011


  • Apparently I have forgotten how to edit an already posted post, all I can remember about editing old posts is that I used to know how to do it and that it was blindingly obvious how.
  • I'm just mature enough to wish that I'd posted twice more in 2010.
  • I wish flinging poop was socially acceptable; monkeys always look so confident when they're flinging their shit around. Seriously it's like they're James Dean and shit flinging is their cigarette and blue jeans. I don't smoke cause lung cancer and death make writing difficult (though it does make one's writing far more lucrative), but I feel like throwing my poop is a much better alternative.
  • "What are you up to Tom?"
  • "Nothing much, just crouching here flinging some shit around."
  • Man, Tom's so smooth and popular with the ladies maybe I should be throwing poop everywhere too. Plus it would be cheaper than buying a car.

Does Writing Make Everyone Bipolar?

  • When I'm writing a lot (which I am right now) I inevitably end up having one of two opinions about my writing and chances for sucess. Either A: "I AM A SHINING GOLDEN GOD!" OR B: "I should really just slit my wrists now for efficiencies sake." Objective analysis of my writing is absolutely impossible, I think I see now why becoming a parent turn you into a nutcase.
  • I really like the bullet point format for my posts here, but this time I only really have that one comment and having a bullet point list with only one bullet point just looks sad so I've added this bullet point about making an extra bullet point.
  • It's now clear to me that this blog really is worth everyone's time... totally.