Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Whoever let parents and teachers onto facebook should be shot.

this isn't actually OC but I agree. In a totally unrelated note who doesn't have extradition treaties with the US?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Someone actually selected the poll answer "the thought of it gives me hives" actual negative feedback which means others might not just be cheerleaders...

hmmm apparently I have or had a reader, It's go time

All right hallucination poll buddies what should I do? WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA my older posts disapeared already!

Oh this is much better

It now occurs to me i've been awake since before i discovered this hubbing thing, lulz I'm starting to have poor coordination

and my computer was about to catch fire. you're not supposed to leave those thins on for 75 hours

MS Word track changes: better than sex.

Alright I think I'm back in the saddle (ha suck it man I didn't capitalize all the words in my title)

My very first post on this here blog was a bit generic but I kinda like it I think I'll make it the basis for a real blog description. I should also read other blogs so I'll at least have some chance of generating a following, also it will help me write if I don't feel ridiculous and in over my head.

      --Take note of that younger writers, a confident state of mind when you are writing is full of win. Self doubt is of course inevitable but I'm used to knowing everything about my novels is fucked and will have to be fixed. you can always edit (so long as your mousepad doesn't click cancel.)
     --seeing as how I can't guarantee self confidence at any given point in time I have slowly learned a number of steps I can take to jump start my inner badass (inner badass is similar to chi but is used only by nerds, remember it's inner badass, not actual badass.)
    [FAWK I need an indent button. I guess I should actually be typing these in word or my super wonder program I'll talk about later.] [by the way I use [] brackets to offset notes to myself they are not parts of whatever sentance they end up in the middle of.]
    ---the first method for getting all tooled up is music. Epic music that makes your blood pump. for me this is usually movie soundtracks (transformers, jurassic park, pirates of the carribean, LOTOR, star wars) the rumbling reverberation of numerous brass instruments ripping out some John Williams, Hans Zimmer, or whatsisface Horner gets me all revved up. similarly hard rock works for me. If I'm really in a bad way I'll whip out Battle without Honor or Humanity the ultimate "lets do this shit" song. (if you don't know what this song is leave my shitty blog right now and youtube it. I COMMAND YOU).
                ---think of this music as the jock jams arenas play before basketball games, its exactly the same concept.

The blog description field had a word cap so here is the rest of my rambling intro.

Don't feel too bad the deleted introduction, it was frankly generic and a shitfest. As I decided this would be my "how I want to do things" website I have decided having this cop out intro is more acceptable than one that I don't like because its generic.

Hmmm that sounded more idealistic than it should have, don't get the wrong impression I'll write some generic stuff but it will be the entertaining generic things like invincible space battleships and armored suits not a blog introduction.

I should try to maintain something near proffesionalism even if this is my relax and ramble space but I fucking hate word caps I write novels, long novels in series. I've often been told paring writing down to make a finely honed batch of awesome is how to become a really good writer. I agree with this absolutly, however I'm not there yet so Ima go ahead and take up allllllllllllllll the space I want.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Subliminal Messages

If subliminal messaging really can implant suggestions in a person's subconscious by flashing images or what have you, the internet seems like it would be the perfect delivery system. People will complain about flickering images on the TV but anything that flashes or pops up on the internet will be shrugged of as another add. This is a possible explanation for Google's reign over the internet. Pokemon would also seem a reasonable candidate for the conspiracy; it has flashing images AND is responsible for the largest mass seizure in world history. There you have it; Google and the Pokemon people are in cahoots and you will all soon bow before them.

P.S. does anyone know if there is good money in writing about conspiracies. I don't know that much about conspiracy theories, except what I learned from arguing with a NASA-faked-the-moon-landing junkie I went to high school with, but I'll bet I can make something up.

P.P.S. Is there a way to make blogger prevent me from posting between 3-11 AM? Otherwise I see additional postings like this one in my future.

P.P.P.S. This spellchecker actually recognized cahoots as word. I approve.


I managed to spend less than 15 minutes figuring out how to edit old posts. Editing old posts is very important because my grammar and spelling are of the worst sort and people seem to not read things that have bad punctuation and grammar. I keep hearing about how American's grammar is for shit, but excepting myself I don't see it.

Greetings Internet

I'm a writer not a webmaster, but generating interest in my work (or money for my food) irl has not been very win so I came here. I honestly have no idea what I'm doing. Hopefully this is entertaining for some of you, educational for me, or (god forbid) lucrative for me. Really accomplishing any of those will have to suffice.