Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The blog description field had a word cap so here is the rest of my rambling intro.

Don't feel too bad the deleted introduction, it was frankly generic and a shitfest. As I decided this would be my "how I want to do things" website I have decided having this cop out intro is more acceptable than one that I don't like because its generic.

Hmmm that sounded more idealistic than it should have, don't get the wrong impression I'll write some generic stuff but it will be the entertaining generic things like invincible space battleships and armored suits not a blog introduction.

I should try to maintain something near proffesionalism even if this is my relax and ramble space but I fucking hate word caps I write novels, long novels in series. I've often been told paring writing down to make a finely honed batch of awesome is how to become a really good writer. I agree with this absolutly, however I'm not there yet so Ima go ahead and take up allllllllllllllll the space I want.

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