Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Alright I think I'm back in the saddle (ha suck it man I didn't capitalize all the words in my title)

My very first post on this here blog was a bit generic but I kinda like it I think I'll make it the basis for a real blog description. I should also read other blogs so I'll at least have some chance of generating a following, also it will help me write if I don't feel ridiculous and in over my head.

      --Take note of that younger writers, a confident state of mind when you are writing is full of win. Self doubt is of course inevitable but I'm used to knowing everything about my novels is fucked and will have to be fixed. you can always edit (so long as your mousepad doesn't click cancel.)
     --seeing as how I can't guarantee self confidence at any given point in time I have slowly learned a number of steps I can take to jump start my inner badass (inner badass is similar to chi but is used only by nerds, remember it's inner badass, not actual badass.)
    [FAWK I need an indent button. I guess I should actually be typing these in word or my super wonder program I'll talk about later.] [by the way I use [] brackets to offset notes to myself they are not parts of whatever sentance they end up in the middle of.]
    ---the first method for getting all tooled up is music. Epic music that makes your blood pump. for me this is usually movie soundtracks (transformers, jurassic park, pirates of the carribean, LOTOR, star wars) the rumbling reverberation of numerous brass instruments ripping out some John Williams, Hans Zimmer, or whatsisface Horner gets me all revved up. similarly hard rock works for me. If I'm really in a bad way I'll whip out Battle without Honor or Humanity the ultimate "lets do this shit" song. (if you don't know what this song is leave my shitty blog right now and youtube it. I COMMAND YOU).
                ---think of this music as the jock jams arenas play before basketball games, its exactly the same concept.

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