Friday, February 17, 2012

I Accidently The Silmarillion...

  • Most all of my fantasy story projects take place in more or less the same fantasy world I've created.
    • I've worked quite a lot on these stories but unlike other story projects which I more or less have one version of that get slowly refined over time the fantasy writing I do often ends up using some or all of the same characters to create totally different storylines often incorporating one or several of a number of various recurring scenes or story elements from one another. I quite like writing these but I find I really like only a certain specific scene or plot section from each story. In new stories I'll try to jam the various scenes, plot sections, and characters I liked from previous attempts all into the same plot. This leads to many rambling or disjointed plots as they can't all really be crammed together like that.
    • As I keep writing various different similar and dissimilar story attempts in this world I think I might be gradually moving closer to having a really neat epic story many years from now.
    • I enjoy working with the characters and having them interact with eachother in various different combinations.
    • The longer I play around with them the more good ideas I have and the more developed and refined the setting, characters, and so on become and hopefully one day I will be able to assemble theses elements into a real sweeping fantasy epic like the lord of the rings or (hopefully) a wheel of time that doesn't drag on.
    • I used to be frusterated with my inability to create a single solid plotline with these various elements but now it has become quite interesting and rather fun.
    • Even if I'm really not actually making any progress towards someday combining all these disparate ideas into some masterpiece the time I spend cranking out new scenes, characters, and plotlines is certainly great practice and making me a better writer.
  • Hmmmm that was one of the more poorly explained streams of thought I've jotted down here (For Shame!) I hope it made some sense.

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