Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Nothing Woos Like Prose

  • Of all the major forms of art prose seems like the least romantic.
  • Example: Poetry produced The Body Electric by Walt Whitman (lulz quivering love jelly). To cover the exact same topic prose has produced Greys Anatomy (a medical textbook).
  • Which seems the least likely to provoke a gushy emotional response?
    • A love poem comparing the subjects eyes to the sky or diamonds and what have you.
    • A love song (pretty much the same as above with slightly less class and significantly more guitars and cliches)
    • A painting of the artist and his beloved on a hill looking at the stars or some crap
    • A five paragraph essay outlining the pros and cons of copulation with the paper's author.
  • Actually I think that essay thing might work on the right girl. (Something tells me I should run that idea by my people first though.)
  • Fiction prose might work better than non-fiction now that I think about it, but it also seems like it would have a much higher chance of of being creepy as all hell. (Writing fan fiction about real people seems like it would be frowned upon and I'm pretty sure slash fiction counts as grounds for sexual harassment charges.)

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