Tuesday, May 4, 2010

More Musings (mmmm aliteration)

  • After I posted my article on ADHD I ended up doing more research on it than I have in a while because I was whoring for backlinks on related sites.
  • So far the knowledge gained has been worth more than the approximatly zero links I ended up getting.
  • now I have cool terms like "difficulty self-initiating" I know exactly what that means, now I just has a better sounding explanation for it than. "I'm not sure, I sat down to do it and looked at the paper... and then didn't do it..."
  • For some reason discovery of a term for it has led to my creating methods for dealing with it. I knew of the phenomenon and hadn't been able to come up with much but I learned some shiney multi-sylabic words and presto.
  • one of the methods is to ensure I'm rockin' happy when I start: cue Nightwish Gundam AMV.
  • I might post more articles about ADHD as a result, though no one fucking reads the first one.
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVfOcqRN2xY&feature=related
  • If you're ever in a band named Nightwish never change your lead singer, at least a million percent of your fans will never get over it .
  • What do commandos call walking around without underwear?

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