Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fart Guaging For The Anosmic

  • Anosmia is the lack of a sense of smell. It is what Dewy Cox has refered to as, "Goin' nose blind."
  • I am anosmic though occasionally and for no adequately explained reason I can smell things; occasionally the things I smell are not present like nose hallucinations.
  • With no sense of smell I cannot tell how bad my farts smell though I believe there is a correlation between the stinkyness of my farts and how warm my butt feels when I fart.
  • Do other people notice any such relation? Research and understanding of butt warmth/foul odor correlation will be invaluable to my efforts to warn nearby individuals of impending methane exposure.
  • hmmm perhaps I should ask a biologist about possible sensory reaction to methane density aside from its distinctive odor.
  • Also worthy of note: I never really thought farts smell bad, maybe that's a learned behavior. They always seem kind of warm and earthy; I found the smell reassuring really. 
  • Apparently women have migraines more than twice as often as men. Sister's can't catch a break. Don't take this the wrong way, but I'm sure glad I don't have to put up with the shit women do.
  • Hmmm I'm about halfway through 27 Dresses and so far I'm really liking it; I like Fevered Pitch, but that was fine it's kind of about baseball and has a comedian in it. 27 Dresses has the guy who plays the X-Man nobody likes the best part of the movies was him finally getting blown the fuck up. I'm not a homophobe but american culture is so I really don't want to be "the guy who secretly likes chick flicks" it would be very inconvenient.
  • "all successful artifacts are outcomes of cumulative improvements." is your quote for the day.
  • "All artifacts are fucked up repetedly until tthey aren't fucked up." is the paraphrase of the day.
  • I have to amend that paraphrase. some things are fucked up until the creator says fuck it and sells it anyway.

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