Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Problem of The Potential Employer Who Knows How to Interwebs

  • As I stated previously I decided to set this blog aside as a place where I could just throw up whatever crap I feel like without regard for how bad it might look to most or all others. I have liked having it, even though no one really reads it posting my thoughts where anyone and everyone could see and read them helps me commit to them more in my own mind. Also it gives me somewhere to give into my lazyness/immature vulgarity/and impatience with grammer so I can pursue the rest of my undertakings with less fear of these things surfacing where it matters. Also its been great as a freewriting/journaling exercise.
  • Unfortunatly as my hunt for an IRL job has continued fruitlessly for months I've boned up on all the ridiculous stupid shit one needs to do to make it seem as though they are the second coming of christ risen again specifically for the purpose of being the greatest employee the prospective employer could have ever fathomed. I've even managed to mostly get over my distaste for the hoop jumping, I'll play the game because goddamnit I have to I need a job and if thats how to get one I'll do it to the best of my abilities.
  • I mention this in relation to my unencumbered blog here because I know know a potential employer is likely to E-stalk me to try and asses me based on my facebook page/twitter/other websites and whatnot. This unfortunatly means that I really should go over every inch of my online presence and sanitize and polish it in the same way I have to portray myself in the real world around potential employers so it says nothing about me except that I'd be a great employee for them.
  • This makes me sad, a prospective employer might very well decide that someone who posts on the internet about how he guages fart odor is not the mature kind of individual they would like to hire. I don't want to have to play the good missionary boy in every aspect of my life especially here on the internet. That would be so boring I tire of the whitewash routine.

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