Friday, December 24, 2010

Book Update (Modsoldiers)

  • Recently I've been working really had on Modsoldiers, the oldest and furthest along of the novels I'm writing. I finished a very rough draft and began parsing through it line by line scene by scene chapter by chapter rewriting, clarifying, and generally improving it. I think I made the revised sections easier to understand, more entertaining, and much better integrated onto the story as a whole. There were two or three sections I ended up leaving to come back to later because I just couldn't seem to get them right; this was a great idea because then I was able to make progress instead of letting those few sections take up all of my energy. Finally, aside from the afore mentioned ass pain sections I have reached the end of the novel. I quickly decided that rather than reworking the conclusion scenes I had I should essentially rewrite then end, I want the book to end on an exciting awesome high note rather than the fairly mediocre final battle and resolution I had.
  • Deciding to redo the end has been plaguing me for days no though as I knew kind of what I wanted it to be but couldn't seem to crank it out; but tonight I think I finally have it, I havent finished writing it but I have an outline of how things go down and it seems like exactly what I wanted without any of the awkwardness I hadn't even realized the other ending had.
  • Once I've cranked out this end chapter I'll go back to the skipped or skimmed over sections and have to make some kind of judgement about them I fear I may end up cutting two of these segments out completely even though I really wanted to include them because I think they may be causing troubles because they end up being unnescesary and more trouble than they're worth. An old english teacher once told me if I cant make something fit it might be because it is unnescesary. Always edit out anything unnescesary.

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