Sunday, October 16, 2011


  • It seems odd to me but now when I read back over this blog it seems better than I've ever thought it was before. Sad that I feel this now after everyone has stopped reading it (Except Sally the hypothetical imaginary blog reader).
  • I enjoy the game minecraft alot, in fact my map (I only have one) Legionholm is something I'm rather proud of. Legionholm is a full blown castle, not like other minecraft castles I've seen it is massive (its curtain walls are more than a kilometer in diameter) and its got amenities and what not. instead of a keep that is hollow or just contains a bunch of impressive architecture my keep actually has the barracks, kitchens, privy, equipment storage etc for a 2,000 man garrison. I might post pics and such here at some point.
  • I've been having trouble writing for the last couple of days, I just feel terribly unmotivated to do anything, it is causing me quite a lot of concern.

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