Monday, April 26, 2010

A Creative Second Wind?

  • I've had a number of breakthroughs on ME2S today, several of them are solutions to very fundamental problems. a lot of these solutions seem like I re-grasped the orginional thoughts and inspirations for choices made at the earliest stages of the stories creation except that now I can better articulate and apply these inspirations.
  • This is a big fucking deal for me I think, I was on the verge of abandoning the project as having hit a dead end as the last two weeks or so all of my writing and planning for the story seemed kind of bland and uninspiring, it had disolved into people blowing things up and very forced awkward attempts to illustrate developing character relationships that I know means the story is now just shit. but starting yesterday and again today while juggling a ton of freelance writing stuff and a sort of listless apathetic mood I came up with a number of concrete ideas that incorporated well into the fabric of the story and gave it life again as well as solving problems I had and answering unanswered details and plot holes along the way.
  • I think I may have just been trying too hard, whatever the difference is I have to figure it out because without the kind of insight and clarity of purpose I've been having I would be relegated  to creating loads of drivel, with it I have zing! pow! pop! stories.

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