Thursday, April 22, 2010

Musings General Enough That They cannot really be Given a Proper Title

  • My title seems to be a paradox
  • I think its more likely than not that someone, probably a psychologist, specializes in the study of masterbation; a masterbatologist. I'm also going to bet that this person fucks up at least a third of their first impressions through no fault of their own. if someone asks what you do for work, you can't, no matter how frank and professionally you treat the matter tell someone you study masturbation. If that poor individual is somehow reading my blog I would like you to know I have a solution. from now on when asked about your profession tell them you do some work for the state department but you can't really talk about it. (because if you say you work for the CIA flat out noone will believe you. setting up a scenario where people can feel proud of themselves for putting two and two together and arrive at the conclusion your in the CIA on their own is 400% more effective. plus or minus 2.5%
  • Pet Peeve of mine: Windows media player takes a few minutes to play a song I select after the program has been opened, the pause is long enough that when the music does start it is 90% likely to scare the shit out of me. 
  • I could post a hub but I soo don't feel like keyword research right now. 
  • Well I published it but really I'm not all that happy with it, this is a subject I can dominate and this hub is far from as good as I can make it. i'll be interested to see If i ever take the time to redo it. 
  • I may have made a breakthrough on my current novel project, a new ending or rather the way the end goes down is different and seems more... right; like it fits.

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