Tuesday, April 13, 2010


  • I received a very nice email from someone, they seemed to feel the writing here was good and encouraged me quite a lot. Thank you somewhat anonymous internet person.
  • lulz it turns out that message wasn't intended for me. fuck it I don't care.
  • Big news: I have broken the one dollar mark . I have made 1.15 in two weeks. Analytics tells me my Modsoldiers excerpt should make 113$ per every thousand page views. now all I need to do is maximize my page views, and, of course, make more pages.
  • This is nice I guess the lack of anything happening is starting to affect my self esteem and thus my ability to work in-spite of the fact that I know this is supposed to take months.
  • Even better news: I soon suspected that one of a couple of my friends who I have recently complained of my lack of clicks to had clicked on an add on one of my pages to inflate my earnings artificially. well godbless analytics I was able to find out that whoever clicked was using internet explorer and neither of the two would be caught dead using IE.

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