Thursday, April 8, 2010

Oh Balls I Forgot to Title this One [naomi Novik+I've been looking at other blogs]

  • why is it that all the blogs I see that belong to a couple or a family are always about how great everything is. some individual blogs are about how fantastic everything is but at least an equal number are angsty shpeels about things and people or life in general and how much they suck or are hard. Or the individual blogs have no prevailing front and just talk about shit. but couples and families its like its illegal to say anything might be other than that they wake up in the morning and have one long G-rated orgasm that lasts until they go to bed, then they repeat this every day.
  • on a related note I hope I dont sound too bitchy in general, I probably do as complaining helps me blow off steam. also complaining makes better stand-up than cheesy isn't life wonderful shpeels. to make things clear things are actually pretty good at this particular moment but i'm pretty sure within the next couple months the shit is going to hit the fan in a legitimate life sucks sort of way. i guess worrying about that and being frustrated with my inability to get a job is brining me down.
  • lulz there is an entire well developed blog about what shitbags a company called re-bath and its parent corporation are. Apparently they are pretty large bags of shit, no normal amount of shit went into their bag. they are way past flaming-on-old-man's-porch class shitbags their like industrial manure farming shitbags.
  • holy shit this blog is 2 years old and their still updating it. it looks like their complaints are legitimate too.

  • anyway for my semi daily book shpeel: first off I decide which books to do by looking at my bookshelf its to my right i get all hot and bothered looking at them all lined up and awesome.
  • I was looking through this nifty amazon associates search for product thing next to the new post window for the temeraire series and discovered they were selling a hardcover version of the black powder war for like 147 fucking dollars. I think somebody dun gone fucked up.
  • anyway I discovered this series when I was standing in a barnes and noble looking through their sci-fi/fantasy section (i know its not a local store but its next to a fucking movie theatre, don't judge me. [if you didn't judge me your a terrible person and I hope walmart puts you out of buisness.])
  • as I perused the shiney new books I saw this series and read the back of the book. historical fiction about the napoleonic wars except there's dragons... what the fuck? anyway I make regular trips to said BnN because I love movies and books and they're next to eachother. each time I looked for something fantastic the bizzare napoleon+dragons book stared back at me. on one of these visits my ADHD raged and I bought the entire series not being able to resst anymore [at the time the entire series was the first three]. They. Were. Awesome.
  • unlike ann mccaferys non-violent dragons novaks are the kind I normally like they're born, bred, and trained to fuck shit up and they do. not only that she gave them crews like a sailing ship with the cool clamboring around in the rigging and whatnot except instead of a sailing boat its on a fucking dragon doing midair battle with other flying batches of awesome.
  • Kazzilik ftw.
  • anyway these books have great combat throwdowns (thing the final battle from Avatar+more shooting+swords) but they still have great outside of combat story characters etc.

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