Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Holy Crap This Blog Made Money!?

Adsense informs me this blog, the rambling unedited mess you're reading right now, has made 1 cent. Its a negligible amount but I'm still quite blown away. I'm not really even trying to make money on this blog aside from my book pitching strategy so maybe there is hope for my for-profit endevours.

speaking of those endeavors maybe after I write enough of them I can combine them into a list and clean it up to post as a hub. though I don't want to have to write them differently here and trying to make what I write for here proffesional-ish would likely be... challenging.

I think this blog may be helping my writing in subtle ways. just now I was writing some background for one of my novel projects and I forgot that I wasn't talking to someone else. I just realized that I've operated in a total feedback vacume for so long when I write I forget I'm supposed to be communicating with other people, I've been writing like I'm the only possible audience. I don't mean like I havent been editing or making sure my sentances are clear I mean at a more basic level my writing was becoming something like an inner dialogue that I happen to edit (or try to edit). thanks internet, your destroying my grammer spelling and punctuation but I think you may just save me anyway.

ellipses are the closest I can get to timing things for comic effect in print. our system of writing really could be improved. not that it will the transition is the only impossible part of such a suggestion.

Prologue to book pitch: Ann Mccaffery is probably my favorite author which is supprising because they aren't really about wars, there is some combat but its not any more central to the plot than diplomatic dealings, labor negotiations, hell musical training dwarfs combat in terms of how much of the books are dedicated to the topic and its importance in the overall scheme of things. She has dragons and I'm a sucker for dragons but HER DRAGONS ARE EVEN PACIFISTS and I still like her writing the best even though in ALL other instances the dragons ability to put a whole lot of whupass anywhere they want is possibly the biggest part of my attraction to them. I like her books the best just because they are fucking better than anything else even topics I can't help but like.

I'm a major fan of good world building and Mccaffery's Pern is excelent, it has realstic politics, sociological problems, social organizations and structures but while they are realistic they are totally origional. living in pernese society would be totally different than any socioeconomic situation most anywhere in the real world but she has even worked it down to the nuts and bolts of the day to day operations of nearly every part of society.

ho shit Ima need to write a hub or at least a dedicated post on this I'm getting all excited and I think more erudite as my attraction to the subject stimulates my brain. P.S. this is the benefit of ADHD happening, now that I'm engaged and interested its like having heightened intelligence until for whatever reason I have to think about something else.

Ann McCaffery's Pern series are interesting in that for the first 2.5 books of the series you think its fantasy but then it the-sixth-senses your ass and you realize its actually sci-fi, nearly hard sci-fi at that.

The Dragonriders of Pern: Dragonflight; Dragonquest; The White Dragon

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