Monday, April 26, 2010

Go Me!

  • There's nothing quite like getting invited to a graduation party on accident because the host, "thought you were graduating like everybody else." Well no... I'm not, I'm too buisy being unemployed and trying to get people to read my writings (and failing). Oh well if I look on the bright side... Oh wait, that's right. Nevermind.
I just saw an add to DL internet explorer free... thats like a restaurant advertising that they'll provide utensils free of charge.
    • That being said I do have good news I've made a major breakthrough on my current novel project ME2S.
    • before saying more I feel some explanation is required, I have several book ideas, in order to differentiate between them and the legion of other documents I have I assign each of them a project name which saves me the trouble of refering to ME2S as the sci-fi space opera with the supersoldier story. Also by just giving them a monicker that will remind me which story  it is I don't have to prematurly try and think about what the title will be.
    • project names are also helpfful for organization every article, story, essay etc that I write I try and give a project name. every document related to that project will have its file name and title begin with the project name.
    • Anyway I started ME2S back in january which for me is a new project. I really resolved I was going to try and push through and finish this one, even if it did turn out bad. I have too many unfinished books, most of which I fear I won't ever return to. Usually I cannot end these stories. So I have constantly kept an outlined end that is a logical conclusion to the story in mind as my first goal. I figure once I have the beggining end and a good idea of what goes in the middle finishing the novel will only be a matter of time, (if modsoldiers was any iindication a long ass time full of hard work).
    • My attempts to establish myself as a freelance writer over the last moth however seemed to have torn the heart out of my gusto for this story. I've been working on it still but not my usual obssesiveness.
    • for the last two months I felt I had been closing in on a definitive end to the story other than "and then the good guys won."
    • today I was wondering how much I had typed in my project mindmap which contains all written oassages, the outline(s) and my substantial notes and worldbuilding. So I copied the entire thing into word and did word count. It was over 90,000 words. That is alot of words considering 2/3rds of it are mostly outline. I thought it may have just been the world building material throwing me off so I removed it. 71,000 words. that would make the finished story somewhere between 150 and 200k words; I already have enough trouble with the word limit guidelines publishers insist on, there is no way a modern publisher is going to pay a first time author for war and peace redux.
    • This story is however a happy one. after glancing at the word count a third time I guess you could say I had a moment of clarity. I had written two books. there is an excelent ending point almost exactly halfway through my outline and another good ending ppoint at the very end. furthermore the first and second half are different in ways that would make a single novel likely to fail but as a book and a sequel their differences couldn't have been planned better. the second book is bigger broader in scope, while the second details the struggle of a small group trying to alert man to a grave danger the second is the beggining of man's response. While the first book has a top of the line frigate the second places Raigin in command of a massive fleet. while in the first they must seek out the aid of individuals in the second it is factions and nations who are the players though the main characters are still very much the driving forces of the story. in essence I accidentally set up a perfectly integrated pair of novels. Yesterday I was worried I wouldn't be able to settle on a good ending for the novel. today I have two solid endings for two novels. w00t!
    • as with all of my other stories/novels save 1 or 2 I feel bad because I don't think my novel will do the world I created for it justice. many of the worlds I have built I am without a doubt proud of, whereas my stories quality gives me ulcers and keeps me up at night. 
    • If ever you're stuck on part of a story, kill a character works every time.

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