Monday, April 5, 2010

A Possible Use for this Page Arises.

I was just looking at my main page thinking I wish I had some better way to post continuously on different subjects. Then I remembered this fiction page. This page still may or may not be used to house actual fiction excerpts but it will certainly be used for project updates.

Project Update: I think my writing really succeeds when I have an awesome scene in mind. something I can picture vividly. I can write scenes to fill in between these "inspiration scenes" and I think they can be just as good but the longer I go between these uber scenes the shittier the story gets. Cally is now in the middle of a revolt and I get to have my power suit space marines open up a can of wupass as they descend from the heavens. it should be like a 40k thunderhawk gunship had a baby with the air cav scene in apocalypse now.

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