Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Second Wind is Definatly a Trade Wind/Holy Crap a Follower!

  • Well ME2S looks possibly more promising than it ever has.
  • I'm doing a lot of character work reinventing some who weren't up to snuff, reworking others so they are more like what they were originally supposed to be.
  • the most significent accomplishment of my character overhaul is Cron a character who is important both to the plot of the story and the theme of the novel. I had only had the most intangible conception of what he was supposed to be and as a result and as such his character has fluctuated wildly in some areas. I knew he had to do certain things but so far I hadn't really been able to explain a reason for his often seemingly contradictory actions.
  • Cron has been a good guy, then a bad guy, but now I think I have him nailed down. He's armpit deep in morally ambiguous. His intentions are on their face the purest you could imaginable but if machiaveli met him he would be like "goddamn that guys manipulative; makes me look like a hippy searching for truth and beuty in the world.
  • I am celebrating a new follower, bryanime now joins blatva and sally the imaginary hypothetical blog reader in the rank of people who actually read this shit. unlike the other two he even signed up as a follower.
  • I stumbled onto wil wheaton's (sp?) blog. at first I was like, "heh thi guy has the same name as Wesley Crusher's actor. Huh he even twitters with someone named Brent Spiner... Oh. My. God.
  • Wil's twitter is probably as interesting as a twitter can be. He's a "power user"
  • Brent Spiner's twitter was extremely surreal. the whole time I was like, "this is the man who brought Data to life..." it was even more surreal because he sounded just like a normal boring everyday guy except one of his tweets, which was delivered as just another peice of everyday news, was like. "anyway, stopped by NASA's jet propulsion labrotory today to narrate a video. those guys are really cool. then I bought groceries." If I had been chillin with the jetlab people my tweet would have been a link to a video of me running around flailing my arms in the air and screaming the lyrics to the Final Countdown or some shit.
  • note: I'm paraphrasing.
  • If for no other reason I'm glad I stumbled onto wil's stuff because he has confirmed my long held beleif that brent is actually a pretty awesome guy IRL. I get pissed when I find my childhood role models turn out to be douchebags. Thank you for not being a douche bag Mr. Spiner.
  • Beyond Wil's twitter though I read a lot of his blog. It seemed like just a coincidence that he happened to also be the guy who played Wesley (which I think is kind of the point) once I started reading his blog. the blog is really fucking good; I enjoyed reading it. I barely like reading any of my own fucking blog so this is high praise for me.
  • Wil's is supernerd he sounds like me except with connections. one of his posts made sure to clarify that the old school DnD books he was getting from a friend were first edition but not first printing. his nostalgia posts for the next few days reminded me of my own deep and abiding love of the 3.5 edition draconomicon.
  • seriously check his shit out.
    • Must return to my writing but perhaps will write more here later today.

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