Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Cross Country Calamity

I did cross country my freshman year, I’d hate to sound negative but it was terrible, totally terrible. At meets we would run two laps around an enormous course for a total close to five miles.
            In my first race a girl named Shanon Bell lapped me. At first glance this doesn’t seem embarrassing; she went to state and was the best runner the girls team had. The problem was that the girls race started a half our after the boys, nearly everyone finishes the race within a half hour, I got lapped by speedy.
            It’s supposed to get you in shape. The reasons people get in shape are things like to give them more energy and stay healthy and many enjoy it. The end result of cross country was the opposite of all those things. I was always exhausted, it hurt to walk up the stairs, and I have never been so close to taking a human life. If I had been able to move after a meet, I’d have made the national news that night.
            World of Warcraft is expensive, addictive, and fairly detrimental to your social skills, but there is one fact about it never gets mentioned when it is compared to sports. No one has ever blown out their knee playing World of Warcraft.
            Some might feel a sense of accomplishment or triumph upon completing the race but by that time I’m so tired I don’t give a shit. Everyone’s all cheering and peppy when all I want from them is to let me die in peace.
I’m never running again. I don’t care if in a burning building I walkin’ out.

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