Sunday, April 18, 2010

Today I Whip Out My First Journal Like Post

  1. fuck the book review thing for this post I'm nowhere near optomistic enough to think I'll make money off of it ever. the reviews themselves are worth more than anything I'll make off them and there's a good chance they're total shit and the world is worse off for their creation.
  2. I learned today. More Importantly at several points I had sufficient self esteem to actually go through with implementing some of what I learned. I think all those attempted implementations were successful. you want to know what one of my big advances was? control click DOES open windows in new tabs I don;t have to right click and select it from the menu every time. I also made a shitload of adsense channels so I don't have to open analytics and sort through the piles of data to see which hub made my most recent negligible monetary gains.
  3. I also think I learned some deep interpersonal dynamics shit in my family but ADHD could totally file that in the boring immediately forgotten section of my brain so not sure if that epiphany will be there a month from now. I'm sure about the new tab things though. unless I suddenly stop wanting to open windows in different tabs for a long period of time I'll have that shit until they change the system.
  4. I saw the chris rock movie today. it literally could not have been more predictable. that being said some of the predictable old jokes and gags were somehow done so fucking well they were still funny. Note: I've seen more of these movies than any of you blog readers likely have and I'm a writer who cant stop deconstructing fiction I encounter so you'll all likely fucking like it, unless its because its just not your taste.
  5. I also saw chosen one with carmen electra; it is bad don;t fucking watch it though you might want to google the sex scene if your into that sort of thing *wink*
  6. shit my one reader is a girl I shouldn't talk about googleing sex scenes. oh well if your still here blatva it would probably take more than that to put you off. you too sally. (for those of you just joining us Sally is a probably fake viewer, it was origionally blatva but now that I know the mystery reader was blatva I still kind of picture sally in addition to blatva thus sally is reborn)
  7. that sally bit couldn;t have made any fucking sense my bad, I'm not deleting it.
  8. somebody asked me today what my blog was about... I just sort of mumbled which I guess is as good a summary as can be given.

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