Friday, April 30, 2010

Write More of This?

  • I have attempted to add another reaction button option. If you want me to write more of something you should click it.
  • Wow fuck the reactions widget it makes you think you can do things with it but really you can just take it in the pooper.
  • Ha I won, though I had rather hoped people other than chantards would click it, oh well.
  • Hmmm it appears the reactions icons can only take up so much room. this makes sense but it gets confusing when the post preview DOES display them.
  • hmmm I wonder if there is a way to instal a second row of them, or moar?
  • I have found that hubs I've written from scratch were actually faster to write, prepare, and post than adjusting old things I had. curious. 
  • If I count the cost of my caffine as overhead, I'm actually losing money on my online endeavors...

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