Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Here's My Idiots Guide to Hubbing for Money

A: I want money B: get paid for clicks. C: On average 1 click for every 100 unique page views. Therefore more page views=more money. Therefore I want as many unique page views as possible.

Use this process to create Hubs with high traffic:
  1. Write article
    1. Write article on something that might make readers end up buying something.
    2. Google doesn’t like bad grammar and spelling
    3. use keywords in the article in such a manner that people don’t notice anything odd
                                                              i.      one in the beginning of the first paragraph then more spread out through the rest of the article. (I heard 3-5% of the total article from someone…)
  1. Post Article
    1. make title and url the same and contain keywords
  2. google adwords keywords tool.
    1. Select keywords that are searched frequently enough but aren’t too competitive (Yoshi suggested 300 to 5,000 searches a month as a floor and a ceiling)
    2. Use keyword phrases with 3+ words
    3. “shotgun” in addition to crap-load of relevant competitive keywords and misspellings suggested by adwords include some of your own that seem like they would also fit.
  3. Create backlinks
    1. social networking
                                                              i.      post link to article on every social networking site known to man.
    1. blog warrior/get links posted on relevant blogs and websites run by others (internet street cred)
  1. Make sure to have relevant outbound links from article
  2. Wait 3 months
  3. ???
  4. Profit!

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