Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sally the Phantom Follower Unmasked!

It's Blatva. she's "Not the commenting type."
Her and 6.5 billion other people I can think of.

This free books widget is pretty bitchin. I approve.

I wonder how long it took me to notice the "1 comment" notice. it's quite small.

This is exciting news. It means I'm not fucking crazy.

Ho what is this amazon feature? watch me fail at amazoning. I enjoy verbing.

hmmm I didn't fail wouldja lookit that. I like reading john ringo's books but for most of them I think you have to be really into the military sci-fi stuff. through the looking glass seams like it would have a wider appeal though. seriously read this fucking book. ringo has hit on the one rational explanation every American should have the right to carry armor penetrating fire arms: alien invasion via backyard portal. Sorry john your name isn't getting edited to a capital R right now.

Ringo's books have clearly improved over time. I liked A Hyme Before Battle but for most of the book I was like "is he still talking about fucking logistics? I realise they're pretty much the real reason wars are won but they sure as hell aren't as interesting as the other elements." Also I never really cared about Sharon O'Neal most the rest of the characters I at least cared a little bit but when she dies I was like, cool don't have to hear about her anymore. Anyway he's defiantly improving I hope that happens/is happening to me.

Hmmmm now that I think about it this feature actually presents me with the option of becomeing a semi legit blogger quality book reviewer. it would give my blog a more respectible mission statement than "type shit."

Blatva it kind of feels like you killed sally the mythical follower of ancient tales.

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  1. *hides in the shadows, never to be seen again*