Wednesday, April 7, 2010

*Shakes Fist*

I really wish there was some way to make realize that I don't meet rhe minimum qualifications for an H-vac technician. why the fuck are there so many h-vac technician openings? I get like 30 emails about h-vac a day.

I'd kill for some way of getting regular feedback. unfortunately there's no one I could kill that would accomplish this goal.

In other news I've named the chick I think actually follows this blog (yes I decided the phantom follower is a girl... hmmm phantom follower is a good title for her, it alliterates. I like alliteration) Until the Phantom follower reveals herself I'ma call her sally, or until I forget.

I'm probably the only person in the world whose first act after winning the lotto would be to hire a good editor. Unfortunately I'm too good at probabilities to play the lotto.

why is there a space for a few seconds under my poll when I load the page. I like it much better when its flush. not that I'm getting anal or anything.

Who needs to know what browser and OS their site's visitors have? seriously googles like if big brother loved to gossip.

Why do American record companies want foreighn bands and whatnot to do their songs in english, who the fuck cares? AKFG should sell records in the US but they'd probably have to do a version with english lyrics for everything. Engrish lyrics are worse than not knowing what the hell they're saying.

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