Saturday, April 24, 2010


Sometimes, most of the time, inspiration is a small thing an idea a hint, a thought of what I should do. sometimes though it is all consuming, and today this has happened, I see before myself entire scenes and I can see and feel these entire sequences through the eyes of several characters, I understand them like they are myself. excitement does not doe the feeling justice it is though thousands of voltws of electricity are about to explode out of my body in a giant electrical storm. I jitter I twitch aas i type nearly every word is a typo as my fingers jerk and surge with excitement, two unique round developed characters have been born in my is as though I can become any of three different people now. I see a story before them but more than a plot there is a feeling, an emotion or a map to deterine the twisting changing emotion their story will inevitably bring. the characters are more than a pair though either could exist without the other but together the two become something more something greater, an entire opera is spawned by their briefest interaction each meeting makes another an absolute inevitability. it is as though a story had existed since the birth of the universe and only now has it revealed itself. it is something not created but born, a single solid whole that can exist only one way and I am now aware of its existence it is only left to me to put it into words, I pray I don't fuck it up. I'll bet those reading this think I'm tottally out of my fucking mind. I'm not crazy I swear.

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